What Is Sustainable Swimwear?

Found some colourful swimwear as well as bikinis in the beach-themed store windows of some fast-style shops? Regrettably, they’re several of the most polluting garments for the sea!


Oh no.


So, what is a sustainable swimsuit, as well as is it actually an extra honest alternative?


Let’s find out.

The problems with fast fashion swimwear

Given their water-repellent as well as elastic qualities, synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, or spandex are the most popular alternatives for swimwear.


The issue is … they’re all plastic-derived!


What does this mean for the planet?

  • The materials used for conventional swimwear rely on fossil fuels and a very contaminating production process
  • They’re not biodegradable: actually, they can stick around in landfills for 200 years or sign up with the 11 million tonnes of plastic that end up in the sea annually
  • They release microplastics whenever you wash them, which also get to the sea and fishes’ stomaches (and, most likely, yours).


In addition to its environmental influence, most swimwear shares the same problems like various other rapid fashion garments:

  • When a company isn’t open about its supply chain, there’s the risk that it includes factories and even child work.
  • These economical, throwaway clothes are created with planned obsolescence in mind: they’re not indicated to last, and they’ll include in these piles of waste rather than a garment should.

So, what is an ethical swimsuit?

As opposed to conventional alternatives, honest swimsuit is created utilizing lower-impact fabrics, made to last, as well as made by people used fair earnings as well as functioning problems.


Different sorts of lasting swimsuits


Well, what is a lasting swimsuit in practice?


Over the past couple of years, a number of fair trade brand names have been getting innovative in locating remedies to the issues we have actually stated over.


Until now, the most typical type of lasting swimwear includes recycled products:


  • Econyl material is a preferred swimsuit option gotten from pre- and post-consumer plastic waste like angling webs.
  • Sustainable swimwear can also be used recycled instead of virgin polyester.
  • Some brand names have been experimenting with brand-new options also, like Amni Heart Eco: regardless of being a synthetic fibre, it does not include any type of hazardous components and also biodegrades within 5 years!


Others have actually created natural swimsuits relying on cotton or hemp. Nonetheless, these materials often tend to take in water and require to be combined with artificial alternatives like elastane (still plastic) to reach the appropriate stretchiness.

A sustainable swimsuit isn’t the best, but it’s the beginning!

One of the most popular lasting swimsuit (made using Econyl or recycled polyester) preserves 2 of the major troubles of virgin artificial options:

  • It’s not biodegradable.
  • It releases microplastics when cleaned.


Nonetheless, it still aids the world tons by lowering waste, both since it’s made with recycled plastic and due to the fact that it’s really created to last for many years.


In addition to that, you can lower the environmental impact of your sustainable swimwear by:

  • Washing it much less commonly, at lower temperatures, and staying clear of fabric softeners because they can make it less efficient in the future.
  • Using a Guppyfriend or Cora Ball to catch microplastics.
  • Just falling in love with it and maintaining it for many years instead of chucking your old one away every summertime!

Locating the right sustainable swimsuit

No demand to feel all mixed up! To get you started, right here are several of our favourite moral swimsuit brands.


Not just have we brought hundreds of fair trade brands in one place: we have actually included sensible filters to assist you limit your selections.


Now that you understand what lasting swimsuit is, water you waiting for?! Discover the perfect piece for your design as well as values.

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